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Finding (and Getting) The Best Prepaid Debit Card By Scott McQuarrie

One tremendous advantage of prepaid credit and debit cards is that they are available even to people with poor credit histories. Even though they are easily obtained because of the pre-payment requirements, it is not wise to get a prepaid card if you are unable to keep track of purchases or hold to a budget. On the other hand, when you are ready to start learning responsible financial behavior, a prepaid debit card, specifically, can be a real help.

The terms "credit" and "debit" actually become moot when discussing prepaid cards, because whether there is a Visa or MasterCard logo, or some other company name one them, they all operate the same way. You deposit funds, and those funds are what are available for you to spend. One card, the All-Access Prepaid MasterCard, is ideal for occasional use with no monthly fee, no minimum balance to maintain and no bank account required. It is "reloadable" via various means, up to a high deposit amount of $10,000.

Various features distinguish the best cards

Like most prepaid cards, the All-Access Card also safeguards the user from overdrafts and bounced checks because of the prepayment requirements. And as with all modern credit and debit cards, there is complete protection against unauthorized use. If you are building your credit back up following some financial reversals, the All-Access card is one your should definitely consider, as it has all the benefits you need for spending flexibility, without the pitfalls of high interest or spending limits.

The Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa has very modern features, and is even usable nationwide on the new :"tap-n-pay" payment terminals. As opposed to basic, stripped down prepaid cards, the Wired Card has a rewards program that earns you a point for every dollar spent, redeemable for wireless airtime, music downloads and long-distance phone calls. You can even set this youth-oriented card up to receive mobile or email alerts about your balance, purchase history and reward point accruals.

Big names enter the card games

America's best-know "money sending" company is just one of many large, recognizable names that has entered the prepaid segment of the credit card market. After a short, easy application-with no credit check and no bank account required-the card can be loaded with cash at any of over 48,000 company locations nationwide. You can even deposit your paycheck directly to your card, keep in touch with your balance via phone and Internet and receive corroborating text messages to your mobile device following every purchase you make. Now that's security, especially for those who need to learn stricter financial habits.

There are many prepaid cards, with and without the major Visa, MasterCard and Discover logos, and they offer a sometimes confusing range of options and services. It definitely pays to do your homework on these kinds of credit cards, but a little shopping around-and a decent amount of number-crunching-you should be able to get into a prepaid debit (or credit) card that has the best array of services and features for you.

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After founding his first security firm in 1990, Scott McQuarrie built several security-related companies into regional and national powerhouses over the ensuing years. Since 2000 he has focused his sales and marketing efforts on the Internet, which opened up a virtually unlimited, international market for his flagship product line, EZWatch Pro.

The EZWatch Pro brand has come to stand for world-class expertise in electronic security, video surveillance and the myriad technologies involved in both fields. From small houses to gigantic international airports, there is an EZWatch Pro solution to meet any and every residential, business, commercial and government security challenge.

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