Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Using a Mortgage Broker is a Good Idea By Krista Scruggs

Applying for a mortgage loan is a complicated bit of business, but most consumers feel they are up to the task. Wanting to save money wherever possible, they seek to go it alone for much of the process and in so doing, they sometimes make some of the costliest mistakes! Using a mortgage broker is a good idea for the average consumer in search of that perfect mortgage and although there is a fee involved, it is well worth the little bit of commission the broker stands to earn when closing a loan.

Mortgage brokers have unique and intimate ties to the home loan banking industry that consumers would have to spend a long time cultivating. Due to their insider knowledge of lenders, their requirements, and also unique loan products, these brokers can recommend avenues most consumers would not have thought traversing. Many a consumer might look to their bank as a primary source of a mortgage loan. In some cases, comparison shopping might take place when the consumer also talks to a rep from the credit union; by and large this is the extent of the shopping around process many consumers undergo.

The mortgage broker is not fettered by business relationships the consumer has already established and instead may find a loan product from a little known lender or a rarely advertised product from a well known bank. Since they are highly skilled at pairing consumers with loan products that are advantageous to the individual customer, this expertise is well worth the price most brokers charge. In some cases, mortgage brokers have successfully protected consumers from costly mistakes that could have jeopardized their future as homeowners!

Consumers who foresee having a hard time finding a good loan product - this is generally true for those with less than good credit - will benefit tremendously from the services of a mortgage broker. The same is true for borrowers who simply cannot find their way through the forest of papers and disclosures and need someone to break down the facts and clauses into easy to understand English.

There are many other advantages to hiring a mortgage broker that may be more personal in nature. For example, consumers busy with work and family life find that also focusing a lot of time and attention on negotiating with lenders is not always possible. Although this might in the past have led to a hasty decision the homeowner later lived to regret, with the help of a mortgage broker the comparison shopping and negotiating is done for the consumers and it cuts down on the time, effort, and stress the consumer experiences in the process.

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