Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Legally Remove a Bankruptcy From Your Credit Report By Patrick Zanders

If it was not so sad, it would be incredibly funny. With all of the information that is available today, people still allow poor credit to disrupt their lives. I find this most often when it comes to bankruptcies on credit reports. Isn't it bad enough that people had to file bankruptcy? I guess the credit bureaus don't think so. They want to make these same folks believe that they have to suffer for 10 freakin years with this on their credit files too. This is an outrage!

To make matters even worse, there are all kinds of self proclaimed "guru" authors that are writing garbage stating that it is dishonest to try and have a bankruptcy removed from your credit report. If that is dishonest, what would you call a non governmental agency like the bureaus wrongfully holding your credit hostage for 10 years? Hmmm....Let's call that down right criminal shall we?

Here is the skinny on bankruptcies. It truly would be illegal if you had it just wiped away using e-oscar, metro 2 or any other software that hackers and scammers are using. If you used the actual laws on the books though, you would LEGALLY REMOVE THAT BK PERMANENTLY! Let me explain further what I mean.

The only way to make that BK disappear from your file is to prove that it does not belong there. I did NOT say that you are going to try and prove that it is not yours....Nope, it is yours. You hired an attorney, signed papers, and went before a judge...IT IS YOURS! What you ARE doing is disputing the bureaus right to place this on your credit report..Doing this would have your BK removed right away!

So before you let your credit report keep you down for 10 years...Get to work and get it removed!

Patrick Zanders is available for consultation on credit matters including removing bankruptcies from your credit reports. He can be reached at 623-255-6023

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